Ultra-tec: Made in the USA

Why it matters

“Made in the USA” is more than a patriotic slogan we use. We’re proud to be an American-based company. Our legacy—since 1998— has provided our customers, from architects, distribution partners, fabricators, to specifiers, with American-made stainless-steel cable infill, fittings, and hardware. Ultra-tec’s products are designed and manufactured in the USA with an emphasis on quality and function.

Why American-made is important to us

In a recent survey, nearly 70% of the respondents indicated that they prefer American-made products. Over 46% of respondents believe that products manufactured in America are of better quality than those manufactured in other countries. Buying from companies like ours is more than patriotism. By buying American you get better quality, craftsmanship, and a superior product over most imported products. You also support national and local jobs; help build communities, and create more demand for American-made products like Ultra-tec.

When ‘buying American’ is a requirement

Job creation and community building aside, if you’re a specifier for a federal government or military project you are required to use products manufactured in the U.S. Why? It’s the law. So, what does that actually mean? To the federal government, “American Made” products like ours means the product has to be “melted and manufactured” in the U.S.

Quickly, here’s what they say:

Produced in the United States means that all manufacturing processes of the iron or steel must take place in the United States, from the initial melting stage through the application of coatings, except metallurgical processes involving refinement of steel additives. The origin of the elements of the iron or steel is not relevant to the determination of whether it is domestic or foreign.

Ultra-tec meets these requirements.

Another component to be aware of when specifying for a federal government or military project is DFARS, or Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement. This is a list of regulations that the Department of Defense finds acceptable to use in Department of Defense projects.

The Ultra-tec difference

In addition to providing your clients with quality,  meticulous designs, and durability, you’re supporting and creating American jobs while meeting federal requirements. It’s a win-win for everyone. Our innovative American-made Ultra-tec line of stainless-steel fittings and hardware, designed specifically for cable railing infill, is a perfect choice for projects that require a guardrail.

When it comes to specifying pedestrian guardrails made in America, choose Ultra-tec. If you have questions about a federal or military project using our products, contact us and we will help guide you through the process.