We have designed fittings that require swaging and fittings that do not require swaging, also referred to as Swaged and Swageless fittings. Each cable railing run will require at least one tensioning fitting. The tensioning fitting is usually paired with a non-tensioning fitting. In some cases, extra-long runs or runs turning corners, you may need to use tensioning fittings at both ends of the run. Each of our fittings are simple to use and you will appreciate the time you saved by installing Ultra-tec® cable railing hardware.

  • Non-Tensioning

    Non-tensioning fittings are coupled with tensioning fittings to support the cable as it is tightened to the appropriate level to pass building code requirements.

  • Swageless

    Swageless fittings only work with 1x19 LH lay strand cable. They are designed with a set of tiny jaws which bite into the cable when tensioned. Their engineered moving parts make them more expensive than swaged fittings.

  • Swaging

    Swaged fittings must be hydraulically crimped to the cable. The fittings themselves, being technically simple, are more reliable and less expensive than swageless fittings.

  • Tensioning

    Every cable run needs at least one tensioning fitting to ensure the cable can be made taut enough to pass building code requirements.

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