Adjust-A-Body® with Extended Length Lag for Composite Sleeved Posts

Exposed, swaged, tensioning, face-of-the-post-mounted fitting suitable for level or pitched runs and is available for 1/8˝ and 3/16˝ diameter 1×19 stainless steel cable.

  • Can be used with any fitting on the opposite end of the run.
  • Consists of two separate pieces: the articulating Lag Bolt and Adjust-a-Body® tensioning body.
  • Threaded Clevis is installed into a pre-drilled or tapped hole in the end post.
    Cable is retained within the body portion of the fitting by a ferrule swaged onto the end of the cable.
  • Use of this fitting requires an appropriate sized ferrule that is swaged onto the cable, which much be purchased separately.
  • Once sufficient tension is achieved, the Lock Nut is secured against the end of the body to secure the fitting from loosening.

Part Number: A-J6-CL-C


Cable DiameterUse with Ferrule No. “T” Thread“Lt”“Ln”“Lr”“D” Dia.
1/8”F-46/16-24 LH2.00″.375″2.73″.490″

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