The Pull-Lock® is a concealed, swageless, non-tensioning, through-the-post-mounted fitting that is suitable for use on level or pitched runs, and is available for 1/8” and 3/16” diameter 1×19 stainless steel cable.

The Pull-Lock® must be used with a tensioning fitting on the opposite end of the run. This fitting is installed into a pre-drilled hole in the end post. Using the Pull-Lock® fitting on level or pitched runs requires that a minimum of 1-1/2” of clearance exists on the back side of the end post (to install the fitting and pull the cable through). It is also recommended that a stainless steel flat washer be installed between the shoulder of the fitting and the mating surface of the wood post (washer sold separately). The cable attaches to the fitting via our Push-Lock® locking wedge system which requires no special tools.

You can use this fitting on a pitched application, using the same horizontally drilled method for 4×4 wood posts, by installing a post protector tube into the face of the post where the cable exits at an angle (the post protector tube protects the face of the post from abrasion and furrowing as the cable is tensioned). The post protector tube is sold separately.

This fitting is very much like the Push-Lock®, except the cable passes through the Pull-Lock®, meaning you can just cut the excess cable where it exits the fitting – no need to measure the cable before cutting. For that reason, it is the more popular of the two.


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