The Invisiware® Receiver with Push-Lock® Stud combination is an exposed, swageless, tensioning, through-the-post-mounted fitting that is suitable for level runs only, and is available for 1/8” and 3/16” diameter 1×19 stainless steel cable.

The Invisiware® Receiver with Push-Lock® Stud can be used with any fitting on the opposite end of the run. This fitting requires that a minimum of 2-1/2” of clearance exists on the back side of the end post to install the Receiver into the post. The Receiver is furnished with a Delrin® washer that is installed between the shoulder of the fitting and the end post to protect the surface of the finish of the end post as tension is applied. The cable attaches to the Push-Lock® Stud fitting via our Push-Lock® locking wedge system which requires no special tools. This fitting was created for applications requiring substantial take-up and a preference for a swageless tensioning fitting.

We do not recommend this fitting being installed in pitched applications because it would require drilling all of the holes in the end post at an angle. While this is possible with special fixtures, if it is not done correctly the end result would be visually unacceptable.


“A” Receiver Body LengthUse with Swageless Stud No.Part No.

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