The Adjust-A-Jaw® can be used with any fitting on the opposite end of the run. This fitting attaches to the end post by installing a Threaded Tab into a pre-drilled and tapped hole in the end post and attaching the threaded jaw portion of the fitting to the threaded tab (see bottom of page) with a button head screw. The cable is retained within the body portion of the fitting by a ferrule swaged onto the end of the cable. The lock nut is installed all the way onto the threaded jaw first, followed by the body, which is secured onto the jaw, creating tension on the cable. Once sufficient tension is achieved, the lock nut is secured against the end of the body to secure the fitting from loosening.

While this fitting can be used on pitched or level runs, it is most appropriate for pitched runs because the threaded jaw portion of the fitting pivots at the tab. Use of this fitting requires an appropriately sized ferrule that is swaged onto the cable. Ferrule sold separately.


Cable DiameterPart No.
1/8”, 3/16”TT-6B
1/4”, 5/16”, 3/8″TT-8B

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