The Invisiware® Radius Ferrule is a concealed, swaged, non-tensioning, through-the-post-mounted fitting that is suitable for pitched or level runs. This fitting is available for 1/8” and 3/16” diameter 1×19 stainless steel cable.

The Invisiware® Radius Ferrule must be used with a tensioning fitting on the opposite end of the run. It is the least expensive through-the-post fitting that we offer. This fitting has a head shaped to appear like the Invisiware® Receiver from the outside of the post (like the Receiver, the Radius Ferrule is concealed within the post). For these two reasons it is recommended to use the Invisiware® Radius Ferrule on one end of your cable run and an Invisiware® Receiver with stud on the opposite end whenever practical to do so. The only reason not to consider this fitting as your non-tensioning end would be if you preferred to use a swageless solution.

This fitting installs into a hole drilled through the face of the post (to accommodate the cable at minimum) and a hole through the back side of the post to accommodate the fitting. It also requires that you have at least 2” of clearance on the back side of your end post so you have enough workspace to feed the rest of the cable through the post prior to pulling the Radius Ferrule into its final position. (The cable would likely be attached to the Radius Ferrule prior to installing it through the back side of the post). We recommend using a stainless steel flat washer between the shoulder of the fitting and the mating surface of the wood post.

You can use this fitting on a pitched application by installing
a post protector tube into the face of the post where the cable exits at an angle. The post protector tube protects the face of the post from abrasion and furrowing as the cable is tensioned. The post protector tube is sold separately.


Type 316 Stainless Steel

Cable DiameterPart No.

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